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Then take any upgrade at HotAdz when you submit your ad and I will place your HotAdz url in my "daily free ad" at Profits Lion. The daily free ad is set to auto send and goes out daily and will get 1000 guaranteed views before it expires. Because your ad will be in a tracker link your HotAdz url will also update in the emails sent in all the previous days. Your ad will not rotate with other ads but will remain there in the top spot until I change it to another upgraded ad a few days later. Your ad will get several thousand views each time it is featured in Profits Lion.

Upgrades start at just $3.00 and other upgrades are very competitively priced and recommended.

Even by placing a free ad you will get huge exposure as your ad will be shown in the list of other advertisers. You really can't lose with this offer, but upgraded ads will get top billing.

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Enter your details and I'll occasionally give away free upgraded ads. I might also ask for your url when joining a new program. In fact an advertiser and member of this list just received a $75 commission when I upgraded Profits Lion. You will see their ad in the list on HotAdz. No obligation and no upgrade required to join this list. You will only get emails related to HotAdz but you certainly have an opportunity to earn some commissions. If not from me but maybe other advertisers as they post their ads.

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