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Get a free upgraded ad here at HotAdz several ways.

1) Place an upgraded ad. Upgrades start at just $3.00. Make sure it's active. Instructions here. Once I see it upgraded and active I'll go in and give you a ton more upgrades like color or larger, no charge. This site does incur some costs and your support is greatly appreciated.

2) Join either of these sites Pro Traffic Leads or Iconic Mailer. These are great sites so please be an active member. Then come back here and place a free ad advertising whatever you want. Use the same name so I can find your ad. I will then give you some upgrades.

3) Place a free ad and if I see you have sent at least 500 views/traffic sent, I'll give you some upgrades. My back office shows views and traffic sent. Clicking your own ad won't increase traffic sent.

4) If I see your ad out there while I am placing ads I'll give you some kind of upgrade or I might place your ad in my featured ad. You will see that in ProfitsLion and various other high traffic sites. View the Featured Ad. That ad will be rotated at random.

Please understand I sometimes get many new advertisers in a day and I may miss your ad. Leave me a quick message with your name and ad heading here and I'll fix you up right away.

Do any of the above and I'll also place your url to be show in the top spot and get you at least 5000 views across many high volume sites like but not limited to ProfitsLion. If you aren't a member at ProfitsLion, join and you will see your ad in rotation. Please know that you won't get the 5000 views overnight but I will monitor it till you do. Even after you get your 5000 views I will frequently place your ad in the featured top spot for even more views. But keep promoting your url everywhere you can. Those advertisers that sign up from your url will really help in spreading your ad all over the world.

If you have done any of the above and haven't seen your ad here within a few days please opt-in below so you can easily contact me. I have many advertisers and I might miss your ad.

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