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I hope this short guide will help explain the viral nature of this site.

First this is simply an advertising site, with a very unique twist. Read on. There are no commissions earned here. There are no credits to earn here, to be in turn, used to place ads. But the potential is just wild.

You can come back and place as many ads as you want. All free. Whenever you are sending out ads, whether using a mailer or traffic exchange, you can come here and submit an ad. Takes just a couple minutes to write the ad and when done you will have your own url with your ad at the top. Each ad you submit will have it's own url. Use this url as you advertise your site. Your link is on the "Visit This Website" button. You will be able to tweak the wording of your ad later if you wish and it will update in real time on your page.

Now here is where the viral nature of the site takes over. It will multiply the reach of your ad many, many times over your own efforts.


First you need to send visitors to your url. You need 40 points. A few minutes surfing or a couple of solo ads advertising your site should do it. Now your ad is "active" and will appear on all my pages and all of my other advertisers boards. Right there your exposure will way more than double as I promote my pages heavy. You will know you have reached your 40 points when your ad is visible at the top of the list of other advertisers.

Remember though, if you don't get at least that 40 points your ad won't get seen anywhere except for your page. Start the ball rolling and reap the rewards later.

But don't stop at 40 visitors. Here is where the magic happens. As you advertise your ads you will get signups, sales or optins but some folks (advertisers) might place an ad from your page. Your ads will now appear on the list of their pages. The more advertisers that signup from your pages the more views and further your ad will reach. Use the site whenever you advertise anything. Kind of like a splash page builder. It's all hosted and easy to edit.

I find it pretty easy to get 3000 to 5000 views a month but lets just take 1000 views for this example. You get 1000 views. Your ad on my pages get 1000 views from my efforts. You will attract several advertisers as you get those 1000 views. When you have 10 active advertisers sending 1000 views to their pages, you are now getting 10,000 views to your ad from their efforts. Total of 12,000 views and all you have sent is 1000. That's awesome!

Now you get 20 or 50 advertisers. It's just nuts. And remember your advertisers can come back and place more ads. It just keeps on rolling.

Now for the mind blowing part. You can have 6 levels of advertisers. This is not a matrix and you can have as many personal advertisers as you can get to submit an ad from your ad pages. I can't even comprehend how many views of your ads you might be able to get. Thousands, tens of thousands a month? It's all possible. All I know is the more you use HotAdz the more advertisers you will attract and the more views you will get and the further your ads will reach.

This does take some work to get it all rolling but you are advertising anyway. Why not try to multiply your efforts 10 fold or more?

Some tips on making the most of your HotAdz advertising

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