FAQ, Tips and Thoughts


First please realize there are no commissions to be earned here and you don't earn credits to post your ad. You do need to make your ad active by sending visitors to the url you are given right after you post your ad. There is no incentive for anyone to read your ad but a compelling headline and ad. People clicking on your ad will be genuinely interested in what you have written. Because of this you have a much better chance of converting your visitor.



Before your ad becomes "active", you need to acquire 40 points to it. It is really simple to get those 40 points. This is a breakdown of those points.

Submit Ad & Confirm Your Email = 10 points (Max 10)
Viewing Ads On This AdBoard = 1 point (Max 50)
Referred Visitors with Personal Link = 4 points (No Limit)
Referred Advertiser Signups = 20 points (No Limit)

As you see it's pretty simple to get those 40 points. It's vitally important to get those points to get your ad "active" and being viewed on all the other advertisers boards and on other random boards. That's where the viral nature of HotAdz can really take off.


Like you, all advertisers will scroll down the other ads to finish submitting their ad. There is no incentive to click your ad other than you have a well worded ad that attracts curiosity. There are some upgrades that will make your ad stand out but a good ad will always work the best. Log back in if you need to change the wording or heading if you aren't happy with your results. Or simply post another ad. You can place multiple ads so they will be spread out across the board. The best spot for your ad is in the top position. Keep promoting your url. That will get you the best response.


When advertising on a Traffic Exchange always use a splash page. Most mailers allow you to open several tabs so your solo ad probably won't be connected to your sales page so using a splash page there too is recommended. HotAdz will work as a splash page with the added benefits of having your ad being promoted by other advertisers getting you many times the views that you alone could generate.


If you are promoting ClickBank or JVZoo products always use your own splash or lead-in page. Almost all product vendors do not want you to promote their product sales pages directly in Traffic Exchanges and mailers. Read their terms. Promoting their product sales pages in Traffic Exchanges could get you black listed. Just don't do it. Best option is use an auto responder and a squeeze page but at the very least use a splash or lead-in page. HotAdz is the perfect easy to use splash page builder. With the bonus of many others also promoting your ads.


The number of views you see on the bottom right of your ad are the views you receive promoting your page with your ad at the top. A high number of views could create some curiosity as new advertisers scroll down the page to submit their own ad. An active, high view ad just looks more intriguing. The more views you get to that page, the better response you will get. Plus the higher chance of signing up a few advertisers that will help expose your ad in many more places. The clicks you see on the bottom right are the clicks you get from all the pages your ad is on that are being advertised everywhere.


if you notice your click rate is much lower than the other ads you see just login with the password that was generated for you and edit the heading and the wording of the ad. If your ad is a fair ways down the page, just place another. Use the same email address to make it easier.


To advertise effectively you need to spread your ads as far and wide as possible. Continue to use and join new programs to advertise. HotAdz is just one way to advertise with the added benefit of all other advertisers promoting for you. HotAdz is true viral advertising. You will see your ads on pages all over being promoted by others. It is always free to advertise on HotAdz. Use your personal HotAdz url to promote whatever and wherever you are promoting.

More to come...




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